We have designed this workshop to encourage you to think of new methods of art research, new ways of being inspired and making discoveries online – while also thinking about the contemporary ecology of art. The workshop is modelled on The Wikipedia Game and it’s a Treasure Hunt!  

On the 25th of November we hosted a live online workshop for this event. We are now moving on to the next phase where we have created an online response page for participants, who either attended the live workshop or conducted it in their own time, to add to.

This will be a living, active blog where participants can have their responses uploaded and comment on the work of their peers, creating a discourse around this workshop.


The Treasure Hunt consists of three steps. We will give you 20 minutes (during live events) to complete these. During this time, you can listen to our Spotify playlist:

STEP ONE – After the workshop introduction, we will send you a link to the Wikipedia page for the COVID-19 pandemic. Open the link in your web browser. 

STEP TWO– Using only the blue links within the article, click yourself through whatever pages draw your attention until you find yourself on the Wikipedia article of an artist or a piece of art. You can document your journey – you can doodle, write, use audio notes or take screenshots of every article you end up on! You can also count how many clicks it takes you to get from the COVID-19 pandemic Wikipedia page to an artist or a piece of art. If during your journey, you discover an article which fascinates you so much that you don’t want to continue clicking through the links – that’s brilliant, you can stay on that page! 

STEP THREE – After you find yourself on an article of an artist or a piece of art – or any other article that fascinates you – we ask you to produce a creative response to your journey through Wikipedia. You can focus on the article you ended up on, or you can respond to your whole journey and to the obscure articles you found along the way. Your response can be of anything – sound piece, painting, sketch, performance, a short piece of text! We are looking for your raw responses which is why we are only giving you 20 minutes for these steps! 

After the 20 minutes, we will return to the Zoom call (during live events) to discuss and reflect on everyone’s journey through Wikipedia and the responses the journey inspired! Did you discover a treasure – an interesting idea, an artist or a new way of thinking or researching? 

Below is a questionnaire which allows you to respond to the Treasure Hunt more in depth and also give us feedback on the workshop – we’d love to know how we can improve!


Wikipedia is an accessible open-source resource which anyone can edit and read. Whilst many warn against the use of Wikipedia, its self-policing community is effective on rapidly taking down and correcting misinformation. Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to conduct art research, seek out inspiration and make discoveries in the ways we are used to.  

Doing a Treasure Hunt on Wikipedia allows you to discover new ideas, concepts and artists – while also giving a visual idea of the ecology and the interconnectivity of any event, political movement, social structure and the art world. 

As Wikipedia is free, the Treasure Hunt can be done anywhere – even in your bedroom! We aim for the Treasure Hunt to be a fun and accessible way of conducting art research and producing creative responses – whether you consider yourself as an artist or not.  

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