Meet the team

We are a small group of postgraduate students at The Edinburgh College of Art.

Megan Bellatrix Archibald

I am an inter-disciplinary artist, currently living and working in Edinburgh. I am primarily a writer and photographer, favouring 120 film. However my work also explores sound, moving image and installation as the mood takes. My work explores the tensions apparent in the mundane, and documents the cultures and subcultures I find myself in. The work tends towards the absurdist. I am also the founder of the online art and visual culture education platform, Nae Haverin’, and the creator of various zines, most recently Covid Culture. I am a qualified darkroom technician, and enjoy teaching students at the University obscure darkroom process to keep the processes alive. I have had my writing published in various scientific and cultural journals and books.

Megan’s Instagram – @megan.archibald_studio

Christy Yang

I graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in Product Design this year and got the honor of a city-class valedictorian. I’m now studying MA Contemporary Art Theory at the University of Edinburgh. I used to intern in several design companies and designed a number of products with the team while released them on the major e-commerce platform in China. I also interned at art galleries, curated few small exhibitions. In my spare time, I’m developing the ability as a photographer. Maybe I will choose to receive some professional training in photography in the future. Currently, I’m researching the difference between Chinese and Western installation art and cross-cultural communication. My career planning might be more of a curator, or an art editor.

Christy’s Instagram – @yyyyyys97

Nerissa Yuan

I was a TV program director before I became a student at The University of Edinburgh. I participated in two of the most popular online shows in China – “The Big Band” and “U Can U BiBi”. Because of my work, I had the opportunity to meet the Chinese director Zhang Li who created a documentary named Together In This Pandemic. I found that this documentary was suitable for our work.

Also, I’m a blogger on Chinese social media. I always communicate with artists on social media. My friend is a member of 27km which is a famous art organisation in China and they created a graffiti project, inviting photographers to photograph Wuhan during the pandemic, and then inviting artists to create Cherry Blossom themed graffiti on those photos. So when Wuhan became the most seriously effected city in China during the pandemic, I was willing to help 27km promote their graffiti for Wuhan. I’ve been learning piano for ten years, so I was attracted to the Coronavirus Etude for piano and disinfectant wipe, created by American composer Jeff DePaoli. This is an interesting piano piece than anyone can learn in a minute and use all the black and white keys.

Nerissa’s Instagram – @nerissayjy

Kirsten Millar

My work explores the physical and imaginary body and its relation to space, as well as the relationship between natural and industrial materials in the landscape. I often look into the socio-political history of site and place bringing it back to bodily experiences seeing how this affects our minds/health and forms our ideas of place.

My work uses resourceful and economical material, such as pre-fabricated industrial materials, field recording and live sounds. 

My current work interrogates digital and physical spatiality by looking at how we traverse these spaces and seeks to find the technologies (hidden/visible, ancient/modern) that are embedded within our landscape.

Kirsten’s Instagram – @keersten_finnus

Calum Baird

I am an independent, Scotland-based singer-songwriter and activist, playing songs that tie together progressive and romantic themes in a folk music style influenced by Dick Gaughan, Billy Bragg and Phil Ochs. Pre-Covid I performed regularly throughout the UK and Europe at festivals and events, as well as supporting causes at home and abroad.

Over the seven years I have worked as an artist, I have performed alongside Scottish musicians such as Dick Gaughan (US), Andy Irvine (Ireland), Ryan Harvey (US), Atilla the Stockbroker (US), Grace Petrie (UK), Mariela Condo (Ecuador) and many more international musicians.

In this time I have appeared and performed on national television and radio, and have been featured in national and international press, and online media and blogs.

As well as performing and songwriting, I am a podcaster, and I am a learning painter. I am also a student in Contemporary Art Theory at the University of Edinburgh and I have a keen interest in models of art in a post-capitalist society.

Calum’s Instagram – @calumbairdsongs

Aija Nieminen

I am multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Edinburgh. I am interested in history, memory and old technology as well as dark humour. My research interests include the Situationist International movement and the socio-political impact of art and comedy.

My recent practice focusses on moving image and sound. I am making short films which play with narrative structures and theatrical illusions while examining the relationship between comedy and drama. Through sound, I create atmospheres and moods which reflect places and lives that are lost or forgotten. I am currently exploring alternative ways of researching and practicing in a world where random discoveries and unplanned conversations have been replaced by isolation and scheduled video calls.

Aija’s Instagram – @aija.nieminen

Michalakis Georgiou

I reuse found objects that no longer serve their manufactured purpose, redefining their function and reimagining how they can exist in space. By working with techniques of mass production, like repetition, the machine-made objects become in juxtaposition with my imperfect human gestures which results in works of a hybrid nature. Their visual contrast sometimes is accentuated, other times camouflaged, but always with the aim to produce effects that are uncanny and unforeseen.

Eve Hindle

I am currently studying my MFA in Contemporary Art Practice. My current practice encompasses sculpture, drawing, experimental performative acts, and texts. Taking inspiration from spiritual ritual acts of penance and Carnival histories of the Beltane Fire Festival, narratives of desire and surreal characters mined from pagan sites, such as Arthur’s Seat. Regarding the head as the seat of the soul, my work explores the theatrical allure of evocative colour and exaggerated facial expressions to create my own fantastical characters that define my story.

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